Quick Spell Power Pack: Bring Errant Lover Back


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Quick Spell Power Pack: Bring Errant Lover Back – This Power Pack is to help bring back a lover who has left. This will not change the person but may give you another chance to work things out. This combination includes Quick Spell Candles to Remove Block (removing the block between the two of you), Reunite Lovers, Strengthen Love and Happy Ending (burn on the same day with Strengthen Love so the relationship has a chance to grow again). Candle Power Packs are combinations of our Quick Spell Candles used to bring very specific results. Follow the instructions on each candle and burn on the day listed on the instructions. Most Power Pack combinations will take 1-2 weeks to complete. In very stubborn situations or if you are new to burning candles for purpose you may have to repeat this sequence several times to get the best results.

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