The quality and duration of the candle flame gives us useful information about the helpful energy that is coming (or not coming).


  • the candle goes out before it is spent: The energy and your request have been blocked. Try to locate and remove the block.
  • someone blows out the candle: A person (not necessarily the person who blew out the candle) is blocking your request.
  • the flame is very large: Lots of help is coming.
  • the flame is very small: You are asking for the wrong thing, try asking something else.
  • the candle flame is sputtering and making noise: You need to pay attention, something is coming.
  • the candle drips wax all over: You must use your influence and power in the situation.
  • the candle burns in less than four hours: Help is coming quickly.
  • the candle takes more than six hours to burn: Help is coming very slowly.